10 Ways Your Home is Holding Back Your Success

When people feel stuck, frustrated or like they’re running around in circles, the last place they often think to look is their home. Yet there are hidden culprits littered all over your home that could be holding back your success, sabotaging your efforts and squashing your mood.

The good news is, once you identify these culprits, they’re pretty easy to remove. You just have to know where to look.

Here are 10 common culprits hiding out in your HomeSpace that could be holding you back from the life you want to be living:


  1. Clutter you can see which includes anything you don’t use, don’t need or things that don’t add value to your vibe.
  2. Clutter you can’t see hiding behind closed doors, in junk draws, under the bed or on top of shelves.
  3. Photos of you, your friend or family on display where you were unhappy or unhealthy.
  4. Gifts or memories from past romantic relationships that were not healthy.
  5. Gossip magazines and newspapers on display.
  6. Books or magazines on display with negative, depressing or shocking titles.
  7. Artwork or photography that is dark, moody or has a strange uninspiring subject matter.
  8. Plastic plants or fake flowers.
  9. Cheap generic toilet paper, broken or chipped china or glassware, thin rough towels, worn ripped dishcloths, wire coat hangers, sloppy soap containers, worn or ripped bed sheets, dirty windows or any other worn, ripped or broken household items or furnishings that you have kept for years.
  10. Over lit rooms, unattractive odors from food, pets, mold or mildew, and out of place furnishings like large exercise gear or a massive television that’s too large for a small room.

At first glance, these items might not seem so bad and we can all quickly justify why we keep them. Yet clutter and negative Anchors can have an adverse effect on you and your goals. In particular, negative Anchors can tie you to your past, making it hard to create a new future. These items have a conscious and subconscious effect on you and your life.

It always surprises me how many people keep items that actually remind them of unhealthy relationships, people who broke their heart, of depressing memories and the person they were when they were unhappy. It’s also common for people to always spend the least amount of money on the small generic items such as toilet paper, dishcloths and bath towels. If you were really living the life you dreamt of living how would these generic items feel? Cheap and thin or soft and indulgent?

In our own HomeSpace, we get used to living a certain way with certain things around us, and we can’t see the forest from the trees to understand what needs to change and why. We also hear our parents’ voices in our heads telling us to budget or to not spend money on certain things they believed weren’t important.

That’s why starting now you’ll want to begin looking at your HomeSpace through fresh eyes. Take a look around your bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom and see how many of the above items you can find in your home.

Remember changing the small things in your home won’t cost you the earth, but they represent a very different lifestyle experience, the one you dream of really living. Changing the small things in my home to better quality products was a real light bulb moment for me and it allowed me to connect with and achieve the life that I really wanted to be living. Let me know if you think of things you could be changing in your home and what you plan to do about it.

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