9 Scents For The Home That Make Perfect Sense

When it comes to adding scents to your HomeSpace your focus shouldn’t be covering up an unpleasant odor but rather adding a stimulating layer that allows you to heighten your HomeSpace experience.

If your house smells funky for whatever reason, find a solution to cleanse the smell rather than masking it. There are many solutions today for sorting out odors in your home so, just as you have cleared out your clutter, you need to eliminate any unpleasant smells.

Here in this post, I suggest various scents that work in certain rooms to help give you some ideas.

Your sense of smell is personal and what you find appealing may not please someone else. When you are choosing a fragrance for your HomeSpace consider what you want to Anchor in with that fragrance. For example, consider if your goal is to relax, get motivated, or bring up a positive past memory.

9 Scents to Try:

  • Soft fragrances for company: People tend to like what is familiar, so when you are having a group of people over go for familiar softer fragrances like vanilla, lavender or maybe sandalwood and cedar pine. These will relax the crowd, set the mood and promote conversation.
  • To stimulate and motivate: Try cinnamon, eucalyptus, peppermint, pine or a citrus fragrance like lemon.
  • For a calming fragrance: To help you relax and be refreshed try lavender, lemongrass, jasmine, vanilla or a berry or floral scent.
  • For sleep and relaxation: When guests are staying over or you have just changed your sheets, add a few drops of lavender oil onto the pillow. It’s a special touch that smells wonderful and helps you sleep.
  • For constant fragrance: Potpourri is a good option if you like a more constant fragrance in your HomeSpace, and it also allows you to blend fragrances. You could create a sweet and spicy blend for the kitchen or an evergreen and lemon blend for the bathroom. A floral or citrus blend could work great for the living room or bedroom. “Try before you buy.” Make a point of going to a local department store or supplier in your area where you can sample some blends that may be right for you.
  • Another constant fragrance option: Fragrance sticks come in beautiful bottles and last for a long time. Both potpourri and fragrance sticks are a great option to have near the front entry area of your home, in your kitchen area or in a bathroom. It’s wonderful to come home to a fresh-smelling HomeSpace.
  • Incense sticks and sage smudge sticks are a very personal taste. Many people find them too strong and overpowering. Personally, I don’t mind some of the scents but I find burning incense a bit messy, so I opt for oils, candles or fragrant sticks.
  • Natural Scents: Consider natural options in your home like fresh-cut flowers, fragrant potted plants. Take a trip to your local nursery or plant district to same some scents and see what you personally like.
  • Also consider brewing scented tea which are a great Stimulate The Senses Anchor for relaxing. I personally love the smell of ginger tea.

What are some of the scents you love to use in your home and why? Let me know in the comments below.

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