A Beginner’s Guide to a Winning Home Vibe

Consider your normal day-to-day experiences in the outside world: noisy traffic, bad weather, loud and crowded environments, negative media and advertising, steel and cement, badly lit work environments, annoying people in line at the bank or supermarket, and a barrage of colors and smells.

Many of these daily interactions have a negative impact on how you feel and ultimately influence your own personal vibe and what you are experiencing in your daily life. Ever had a bad day that just keeps getting worse? The vibe you are giving off is aligning you with more of the same. That’s why when you go on vacation your vibe changes and you become more attractive and approachable to others.

You do have control, however, over one environment and fortunately, that’s where you spend a lot of time. That environment is your HomeSpace. You can take responsibility for how it looks, feels, smells, sounds and the kind of vibe you want to create there for you and your guests.

Think of your HomeSpace as a docking station that you come back to each day to recharge and get reconnected to who you are, and what you want your future life experience to be like.


We are constantly checking out the vibe of people and environments around us. Whether you are deciding if you like the vibe of someone you are meeting or you are checking out the vibe of a nightclub or house party you and your friends are deciding to stay at, you do a vibe check in seconds.

The billionaire Richard Branson said ‘I make up my mind about whether I can trust someone within 60 seconds of meeting them.’ Like Richard, we all do a vibe check effortlessly and naturally, you may not even know you’re doing it.

For example, think about a place you’ve been that had a real impact on the way you felt (either a positive or negative experience). Maybe it was an amazing cathedral, a cold sterile hospital room, a beautiful hotel room or a dank basement.

What was it about that space that affected you? Was it the size, how it was furnished, the color, what it reminded you of or how it smelled? How did the space make you feel?

Personally, every time I visit a hospital I feel cold and uncomfortable, and that feeling stays with me for a while after I leave. The feeling or vibe you experience from a space influences not only how you feel, but ultimately the vibe that you begin to give off as a result.


We at MindSpaceDesign define vibe as the emotional feeling one gets from another person, place, object or experience.
By now, you understand that your HomeSpace gives off a very powerful vibe that is affecting you every day. Oddly enough it’s easier for us to pick up on the vibe of someone else’s HomeSpace rather than our own. It’s because we have been living in our home environment for a long time and we get used to it. The quickest way to change the vibe of a home is to change the objects and elements within it. Likewise, as the vibe of the home changes, the vibe of each person living there will change as well.

6 ways to immediately shift the vibe in your home:

  1. Remove clutter so that countertops are clean and every item has its place, either out of sight or on display.
  2. Use versatile lighting and dimmer switches to match the various moods you’d like to create. Nothing kills a vibe faster than feeling forced into a dim room when you want bright, energizing light, or attempting a romantic dinner or intimate conversation in an overlit space.
  3. Get your files, photos and records in order. Organize and edit the paperwork and photos that you have been putting off sorting. Get rid of any extra photos or paper trail.
  4. Get rid of negative HomeSpace headlines. If a book, magazine, or piece of artwork makes a negative statement or assumes a negative state (“How to Start Over After a Broken Heart, Again”) then it is definitely lowering your vibe. It’s amazing how many people keep gossip magazines and newspapers on display in their home. Rid your home of anything that doesn’t present a positive message that makes you feel hopeful, inspired and appreciated. If you wouldn’t put the title or headline on your fridge, it can go.
  5. Have a garage sale. Make a donation. Feel good about letting go of the things you don’t need and don’t use because they’re going to a place where people need them. The tax write off doesn’t hurt either. (Most clothing and item donation locations offer a tax deduction for the value of the item). Remember the secret to de-cluttering is considering what you keep. The objects and elements in your home are there to help you raise your vibe and connect with your future LifeVision.
  6. Ask a friend whose opinion you trust, and whose home taste you admire, for their honest opinion about your home and how it makes them feel. Be open to their response. Ask them to tell you: if they could change one or two things about your home to make it feel more inviting and warm to them, what would they be? Are there any colors, items or furnishings in your home that need to be removed?

It doesn’t matter which tip you pick – if you do it, you’ll feel a noticeable difference in your home. Do all 6 and you will be well on your way to a winning home vibe. Remember your home’s vibe is influencing your life experience every day.

It amazes me when I visit friends’ homes and find strange and unusual things on display. I had one friend who had a real human skeleton hanging on a pole in their living room and another friend who had a straight jacket hanging in the toilet. Amazingly enough they can always justify why the item is there, ‘I had it since college’ or ‘ It’s just for fun,’ but ask yourself what vibe is that item creating in your home?

These are extreme examples. Can you think of a friend’s home you visited, perhaps for the first time, were there any unusual things on display and what one or two things would you change about their HomeSpace to help improve the vibe? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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