New York based James Houston describes himself as a multi-talented visionary inspired by beauty, design and living the ultimate life experience.


Australian born Houston celebrates a diverse career of visual expression that spans thirty years. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading beauty photographers, an award-winning filmmaker and respected activist. More recently Houston has launched a home design vision and brand based on his mind/lifestyle integration philosophy called MindSpaceDesign.


As a photographer he has celebrated beauty and the human form, creating sensual iconic portraits and international campaigns for Vogue, L’Oreal Paris, GAP, Hugo Boss and Givenchy. Houston also works regularly with high profiled celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Hugh Jackman. To date, five international books have been published on his work (RAW, ONE, RAWMOVES, MOVE and NATURAL BEAUTY) with exhibitions of his work being held in the UK, Asia, America and Australia.


As an activist Houston balances his professional career with community projects that have also seen him assume the roles of director and activist. Supported by celebrities such as Sir Elton John, Hugh Jackman and Emma Watson, Houston has raised over two million dollars for various charities worldwide including breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, adolescent health and the environment. He directed his first award-winning documentary film titled LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX, which aired nationally on the TLC network in 2011 to bring awareness to adolescent sexual health.


Houston’s award-winning aesthetic lends itself to interior design and architecture, two areas where his passion and creative sights are now set. In 2008 he designed and built ‘Ananda’ a contemporary lake house and interior experience in upstate New York. The result has been featured internationally in numerous leading interior and architecture publications including Belle Australia, LUXE U.S. and Architectural Digest.


This was the first step to realizing his dream of establishing his own design brand was ‘James Houston Design’, launched October 2014 offering stunning limited edition photographs and soon to be launched interior product line for the home.


In May 2015 Houston founded MindSpaceDesign, a platform to share his mind/lifestyle philosophy and home design process, which he credits as the secret to his own success and balance in life. Houston lives in Park Slope Brooklyn with his partner and their dog Hannah.


In 1999 James left his home, his family and a successful career in Australia to try and break into the fast paced world of photography in New York City.


Unfortunately the timing for his leap of faith couldn’t have been worse. When James finally did find an agent after not working for more than a year he thought his luck had changed. Eighteen months later that agent declared bankruptcy, stole almost a years worth of his earnings and fled the city. Soon after he watched in horror as the September 11 World Trade Center disaster literally unfolded before his eyes.


“Those were dark, dark days.” James confides as he opens up with raw honesty. “I was depressed, defeated and filled with despair as I watched was left of my savings and self-confidence dwindle.”


Then one day he made the fateful decision that would change his life: he splurged $65 he didn’t have on a small, luxurious berry-scented candle. The high-end candle represented the life that he really wanted to live and each day he would use a simple ritual to connect to what that candle symbolized. He proceeded to upgrade other small objects in his tiny studio apartment like his bedding, towels and even his toilet paper.


Against all odds, James’ practice of focusing on the small symbols of the life he wanted to create started to turn his life around.


What began with a small Parisian candle flourished into a dream life as an award-winning and world-renown photographer, filmmaker and activist.


The results? Peace of mind, greater professional achievements, better health/wellbeing, financial abundance and a loving relationship – things you are likely seeking, too.


James began to see how his eye for beauty, balance and design could be used to help hundreds… thousands… and eventually millions of people – people just like you – change their lives by helping them create a home that represented their dreams and goals.


The Journey Continues

Now you can access the simple yet powerful home design process that James has spent the last decade developing so you can get more of what you want in your life.


We hope to someday hear your success story too. Because our mission is really about helping you make changes to your home that will help you achieve the life of your dreams.