I first discovered the Design Your Home for Success process in spring of 2013. It wasn’t an entirely new concept, as I’ve always believed that we create the experiences and life we desire.



Still, I felt stuck in some areas of my life, out of balance and out of touch with the dreams I used to check in with every day. I had fallen into a bad habit of settling for less than I really desired.


How the Guides Helped

When I first began to using the method, I immediately realized that I’d stopped acknowledging my desires. They no longer had a voice or expression and instead were muted and toned down.


As I continued to learn and read the material, I let myself dream again. It inspired me to create a Pinterest board where I collected images that represented my ideal living space. I even created a board to collect images representing some of my goals and another board illustrating the experiences I wanted to have.


One of the things I’ve struggled with my whole life is not trusting myself and what I know. One of my goals is to remember to follow my intuition and to trust that it will lead me to my bliss.


Results and Future Plans

About a month after learning about Design Your Home for Success, I saw a piece of furniture for sale on a friend’s Facebook page (she runs a refurbishing business). It caught my eye instantly and I thought to myself, ”You should buy that as your first Focus Point Anchor to remind you to follow and trust your intuition.”


When I contacted my friend to purchase the piece, she giggled and said, “I thought of you the whole time I worked on it.”


Now, every time I look at that piece in my dining room, I remember that to have the life I desire, all I need to do is follow and trust my intuition.


Once I had that Anchor in place, it seemed that I naturally connected to bigger and bigger dreams. I decided next to repaint a room, and then soon after, I gave my entire house a facelift!


In addition to transforming my entire HomeSpace into a reflection of the life I desire, here are some other results directly related to my use of Anchors:


  • For 3 years my partner and I have wanted his daughter to live with us full time. Within 6 months of beginning to use the Design Your Home for Success method, he was granted full custody of her.
  • My personal income has increased by nearly 40{1db94afd01b8557551d5ebfaa493821fab59cf6d59ee52b6f912be5cb23c6f0d}, and it’s come from several sources.
  • My expenses have decreased and my financial planning focus has increased.
  • Two very difficult clients gracefully went away, without the need for crisis or a burning of bridges.
  • My business has grown in wonderful and surprising ways. Those employees who did not match our vision and mission quit and moved on and now we have a new dream team of A+ players supporting us.
  • My relationships with friends have become more intentional and deeper than they were before.
  • My kids are getting along better and have started to dream about trips that we are going to experience as a family.
  • Our whole home suddenly looks like my Pinterest board and it sort of just happened.

I also notice that my behavior has shifted, along with my approach to both my life choices and my decisions about my home. Now before something comes into my home, I consider it carefully. The more I give away and allow out of my life, the more full I feel. My kids are starting to ask for new experiences rather than new stuff, and they are excited to give away items we don’t need.


Now I am beginning a new focus on my Health/Well-being and I’m seeking some new Anchors to remind me of that. I did my first Spartan race last year and this year will do two more. Our entire family’s food choices have become easier as we embrace a finer and higher quality of life.