The Challenges

Before learning about Design Your Home for Success, I’d struggled for several years to get out of a very toxic marriage. As a self-employed mom of two young boys (one with special needs), there just were no easy solutions to a difficult situation.


How the Process Helped

After reading the guides, I decided to get clear on what I wanted, what I didn’t want and to start making my living space match that vision for a better life. This was going to involve some big, scary changes. But James’s method broke it down into small, manageable steps that I felt like I could actually do something right now to make a big difference in my life and in the lives of my kids.


Because of my situation, my resources and ability to do big things were limited. So I started small. I started by clearing the clutter out of my house. Negative anchors got the boot. Excess was trashed or donated. The entire time I was clearing out the clutter, I kept focused on my goals – to get ready to move out and to move on to a life where my boys and I were safe, healthy, happy and free to just be happy and enjoy everyday. And to enjoy everyday for no reason, other than just celebrating the little things.


After I cleared out the clutter, I began picking up small anchor items here and there. I got a lovely set of cutlery that just felt nice in my hands. I got two beautiful coffee mugs that are bright and make me smile whenever I enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in them. I printed off some of my favorite photos of my kids having fun and playing at the beach. I helped the kids choose a fun green color to paint a feature wall in their bedroom, and I painted one in mine, too. It wasn’t much, but it these little things helped me smile more and reminded me to enjoy simple things again.


Results and Future Plans

Within four months of starting the method and doing little things every day to work toward my goals, a situation presented itself where I had the opportunity to safely move me and my kids out of that very negative and unhealthy situation.


I grabbed that opportunity by the horns and ran with it.


I was able to move into a great apartment with big windows, a gorgeous view of the valley and Mount Rainier. I lovingly call it my volcano view penthouse suite.


For the first time in my life, I know what it feels like to be excited to come home. With James’s insights and his LifeWheel approach to working toward balance in all areas of life, I’ve been able to create a warm, beautiful living space for me and my boys. Clearing the clutter and adding specific anchors has made an incredible difference.


My boys and I regularly have candlelit dinners together. We listen to some nice jazz or classical music, drink our juice or milk from fancy champagne glasses and eat with my nice cutlery set.—even if we are just eating something simple like spaghetti or waffles. And we always make a special toast to whatever day of the week it is.


Design Your Home for Success is so much more than a home decorating method. The simple steps the guides teach have made it possible for me to actively move away from a very bad situation into one that is surrounded by beauty, love and laughter.


The Design Your Home for Success philosophy is one that I will use for the rest of my life. My boys and I are working on figuring out how to take a fun family vacation to Lego Land in California. Our anchors are little Lego flashlight/key chains. I don’t know how it will happen yet, but I know that keeping focused on the goal and the frequent reminder the Lego keychain anchor provides of the fun vacation we want to have will be what helps us get there.


Sure, there are still plenty of challenges I’m working through, but I’m doing it in my own, beautiful space. And now everyday is something my boys and I celebrate.