The Challenges

I’ve always been interested and involved in personal development and spirituality, but felt I lost focus at times once family life took up more of my time.


Having 3 children, I felt I was not in control of my life vision and destiny as much I wanted to be. Life was good but it was not great.


How the Process Helped

After reading Design Your Home for Success/MindSpaceDesign guides, I realised how I could gain back control of my life and include all members of my family in the process. I found it was not only a benefit to my development, but just as importantly to my wife and 3 children also.


Once reading the guides, I looked at my HomeSpace in a completely different way. Being a homebody, it made me realise how much clutter and negative Anchors were amongst our everyday lives. Leads, electrical cords and adapters were everywhere. An out of view closet was straight away used as a re-charging station that solved this unwanted eyesore. A weekend spent cleaning windows and replacing the old dusty curtains enhanced our spectacular country view. A new shower curtain, wooden shower mat, wicker basket for only nice toiletries and 3-ply toilet paper transformed the bathroom. A revamp of artwork, which was brighter and positive, coupled with a fresh coat of white paint and doormat made the living room a beautiful place of tranquillity.


Results and Future Plans

Hooks underneath the stairwell made an out of view station for school bags and coats. A new cutlery tray, chopping board, knife set, and fresh flowers and herbs bought weekly, provided a want to eat more fresh and wholesome food.


A new bedside lamp and positive message books upon the bedside table inspired me to read and take notes. New pillows and sheets made for a 7 hour uninterrupted sleep.


As a family we made the time and effort to implement such basic and easy changes whilst spending a minimal amount of money.


The difference in price between average and great quality for things like toilet paper, laundry detergent, light bulbs, tea towels, face washers, candles, air freshener, stationary etc., is so minimal, but the affect is astounding.


The Design Your Home for Success process is so easily followed and well explained. After the first 10 pages I was walking around throwing out things of negativity and moving objects to their rightful place. By creating a new task list and shopping list, in which took me a weekend and $1,000, has not only transformed my life, but my families also.


Since taking this simple process on board, I’ve since become a published author, seen my business revenue increase by 30{1db94afd01b8557551d5ebfaa493821fab59cf6d59ee52b6f912be5cb23c6f0d}, traveled to New York twice and created opportunities that have given me happiness and respect amongst my family, friends, colleagues and peers.


One can forget how much time we spend in our home and that it is one of the few things we have control over.


I strongly advise people of this simple process; it will change your world.