How to get the most out of the pictures in your home

The digital age has meant that everyone has become a photographer with the ability to take great pics capturing good memories. However, not many people are getting the benefits of these images as they tend to stay in digital format.

Printing, framing and sharing your pictures throughout your home is a powerful way to connect you to positive anchors and an awesome result.

A Kitchen Makeover That Will Make Over Your Waistline

For most of us, the kitchen is the home’s primary gathering place, whether we’re on our own or hosting a party: People tend to congregate in the kitchen. It’s where we find not only nourishment but also comfort and fellowship. And it’s also where we can inspire ourselves to change for the better.

I look at certain rooms in the house as directly relating to certain areas of my life. When I think about Health/Wellbeing, the kitchen is the place in my home that represents not only where I’m at but also where I’m going. Your kitchen can be even more than a gathering space – it can be where you change your life. It can show you were to go. And just as I have made my kitchen a centerpiece for change, so can you. It’s easy to create this through the Design Your Home For Success process.

Your HomeSpace and your MindSpace are connected. One directly influences the other. If you want to make over your kitchen so that it supports your efforts to live a healthier life, consider asking yourself these questions:

  • What do you use your kitchen for? To cook? To entertain? To collect stuff? Is it just a place to store your beer? Start to look at your kitchen in a new light as a place that represents your Health/Wellbeing. When you begin to consider your kitchen in this way, when you focus on what you actually use your kitchen for, then it’s easier for you to take responsibility for your health at home.
  • How fresh are the foods in your kitchen? Do you buy fresh produce? Or do you rely on canned or frozen goods? Fresh food gives a higher vibe to your kitchen and to your health.
  • Does your kitchen color scheme feature too much red, orange or yellow? Red, orange and yellow are actually the colors that stimulate your appetite! This is the reason why fast food chains use them. If you want to use these colors do so in moderation. Opt for neutral earth tones that are inspired by a natural location you love.
  • What sort of foods are on display in your kitchen? These are the foods you can see on the counter and table. Rather than a bowlful of candy, as I’ve seen in many kitchens, try displaying a bowl of fresh fruit or veg. This not only looks great but it’s a perfect Focus Point Anchor for Health/Wellbeing, as well as being a better snack option than junk food.
  • Do you have any healthy cookbooks or magazines on display? Even if you don’t cook often, the titles and photos on these books and the headlines and images onthese magazines affirm and remind you of what you want.
  • When was the last time you de-cluttered your kitchen? Remove out-of-date foods, get rid of junk food and throw out unused, broken or chipped cookware and china.
  • Do you have any photos of yourself looking healthy on display? A photo where you look great (even if it was from your youth) is a great Focus Point Anchor for Health/Wellbeing.
  • How’s the lighting in your kitchen? A brighter kitchen is a healthier kitchen, especially in the morning. That said, avoid any harsh overhead lighting, such as fluorescent tubes. You want to look and feel great while you’re cooking!
  • Do you have live plants in your kitchen? A living plant, or a box of  growing herbs, is a great Focus Point Anchor for Health/Wellbeing. Avoid plastic and fake plants that give off a low vibe.
  • What kind of art do you have on the walls? Displaying a natural landscape, a painting or a photograph of a destination that inspires fitness (maybe a beachscape if you love the ocean or a mountain if you love hiking) is a great Focus Point for motivating exercise, and for reminding you to book that next trip.

Use these considerations to help you Anchor the Health/Wellbeing that you want in your life into your kitchen. Remember, a healthier HomeSpace will inspire a healthier MindSpace and help you to achieve all your fitness goals and dreams.

Can you think of a friend’s kitchen where you saw wonderful things on display that gave off a great, healthful vibe? What about that kitchen would you choose for yours? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

How Your Home Can Help You Travel the World

Do you know that staying at home can inspire you to achieve a voyage to incredible destinations?

It’s true: Your home can be the starting point for the wonderful discovery of new people, places and experiences.

One of the things I really enjoy in my life is travelling to amazing places around the world that I see in magazines, books and films. Once I actually trekked around Egypt for a week with a postcard in my hand trying to locate the same location as in the picture so I could photograph it.

Over the years, I have managed to travel to many incredible destinations, from Greece, Egypt and Africa to Indonesia, Spain and Japan.

I’ve experienced dozens of marvelous adventures that I’ve been fortunate to share with my family and friends, and I have a secret weapon that has helped me do that. I call it a Dream Destination.

We often travel to a destination, take photos and buy a souvenir or two and bring these home to proudly display and keep as a memento of our trip. But have you ever thought about displaying an item in your home that actually represents somewhere you want to visit where you haven’t yet been or maybe somewhere that you want to go back to? A Dream Destination helps you achieve that.

Dream Destination Anchor Morocco

A Dream Destination is a cluster of one or more items that you display in your home that represents either a destination where you’ve been that holds great memories for you, a place you want to revisit or a place you want to experience.

This is called a positive Anchor in the Design Your Home For Success process. You can use this Anchor to have your home help you to travel anywhere in the world, from Paris to Panama, from Colombia to Croatia. It’s also a great thing to do before your family vacation to get everyone excited about an upcoming trip you want to take.

In my home, I set up a Dream Destination Anchor for Morocco, which consisted of two Moroccan lanterns and a pillow on my couch. I left if up for a year, and last year on my honeymoon, I was able to spend 2 incredible weeks in Morocco.

I have another Dream Destination set for Africa – a display of a magnifying glass and a beautiful photography book on Africa– because I want to take a trip there with my family and friends. This particular Dream Destination has been set for a year and I’m constantly reminded on a conscious and subconscious level of my dream African excursion and I’m excited about taking it, even though it hasn’t yet happened. A Dream Destination is a great way to keep yourself reminded about what you want and the wonderful adventures coming your way. You can display them in any room of your home.

Here’s a terrific tip for when you’re on holiday: Instead of buying a lot of cheap souvenirs and local trinkets, instead purchase one or two more valuable items that you can put on display in your home when you get back. This Dream Destination will not only remind you of that wonderful holiday, but perhaps inspire you to revisit it one day. Or provide you with an idea for another destination you’d love to experience.

If you want to start using your home to help you travel the world, and receive some fantastic ideas about how to begin, click the link below. And thank you for sharing your comments!

Why its important to use your good China

Have you ever been served a nice bottle of wine out of a plastic cup? It doesn’t compare to the experience of drinking a nice wine out of a nice glass. High quality wine glasses, plates, pots and pans are powerful touch point anchors that connect you to the life you want to be living.

Anything that’s chipped, old or worn, has got to go as it’s holding you back from the life you deserve. So what are you waiting to use your good China for? Time to start using it!

How to Design Your Home for Success in 3 Simple Steps

Do you know the most common mistake people make when trying to create a life they really love? They ignore the primary space where life happens: their home.

When your home represents negative things from your past, it holds you back. When rooms are cluttered or negative Anchors are present, your own mind, mood and vibe are adversely affected.

When the place you call home is uninspiring, cluttered, outdated or chaotic – can you imagine how spending your time there will affect you? How it might affect your family, friends and guests? The crazy thing is that we can see things that are not working in other people’s homes much easier than we can see and feel what’s not working in our own.

If you’re serious about intentionally designing the life you crave, then you cannot afford to ignore your home. Fortunately, you can achieve the results you seek by following a simple 3-step process and making small changes to your home that will have an incredible impact on your life.


The 3-step process presented below is best applied fully to one room at a time. For each room, you will begin by clearing it of all clutter and negative Anchors. After removing the elements and objects that are not serving you then it’s time to intentionally introduce positive Anchors that represent and connect you to achieve the ultimate life you desire across all 5 life categories (your LifeVision). Finally, the most important step is to then put your positive Anchors to work with intention and focus so that they actively assist you in transforming your life. Trust me, it’s simple, it makes sense and it works!

Step 1. Clear Clutter & Negative Anchors

Clutter in your HomeSpace is basically anything that you don’t use, don’t like or don’t have any space for. It also includes any elements, objects or images from your past and present that aren’t serving you in attracting and experiencing your desired future (negative Anchors).
Clutter also represents all those limiting beliefs and fears from your past that you’ve been trying to let go of. Clearing the clutter in your HomeSpace will help you begin to clear that clutter from your MindSpace.
Do not underestimate the impact clutter and negative Anchors have on your home, your guests and your life. They can often be the hidden culprit keeping you stuck in unwanted patterns, experiences and emotions.
To begin de-cluttering your HomeSpace, tackle one room at a time as part of the 3-step process, and complete it entirely before moving on to the next room. The secret to de-cluttering is to consider the things you will keep versus the things you will remove. Does the item raise your vibe and help you connect with your LifeVision or not? When you approach de-cluttering with this perspective it’s easier to let go of the stuff that’s not serving you.

Step 2. Establish Your Positive Anchors

Collectively, positive Anchors are the primary asset in your home that helps you connect with and achieve your LifeVision, without sacrificing functionality and design.

Think of a colorful woven basket from Zimbabwe anchoring your dream to go on Safari, or specific books and inspiring objects that represent a career you’d love to have, or maybe an object representing the level of financial abundance you want to experience in your life.

Kevin Hart, one of the world’s top comedic actors, has several portraits of his favorite comedians displayed on the wall above his stair case including Eddie Murphy & Richard Prior. Every morning Kevin walks down his stairs and when he sees the portraits he affirms ‘Eddie was great I want to be great, Richard was great I want to be great’. These portraits are Kevin’s Focus Point Anchors and they inspire and motivate him every day to achieve his incredible success.

When selected and placed with intention, items become powerful Anchors that create positive connections to the vibe of your future dreams, right here and now in your home.

When you learn the power of Anchors, you will start to look at your HomeSpace as an environment where images, objects and sensory elements connect you consciously, and subconsciously, to the look and feel of your ultimate life experience – what we call your LifeVision.

Step 3. Anchors In Action

This is the step that transforms home design into lifestyle design, putting your positive Anchors into action so that they support you and work actively on your behalf.

The process for Anchors in Action is deceptively simple, consisting of 3 simple steps. However, it’s the crucial step in designing a HomeSpace that will help you achieve the success you deserve in your life.

SEE IT: For at least the first 3 weeks after you have established a positive Anchor, you want to consciously acknowledge it and what it represents, at least once a day, when you see or experience it.

In doing this, you are effortlessly training your brain to focus on and look for the positive things you want more of in your life. Just as Pavlov trained dogs to salivate when they heard a bell ringing, you want to train yourself to connect with the vibe of the result that the positive Anchor represents whenever you see or experience it.

FEEL IT: Each time you consciously acknowledge a positive Anchor in your HomeSpace, take a moment to feel the vibe of the result that the Anchor is connecting you to, as if it was already real for you right now. For example, if you were already enjoying the loving relationship you dream of, or the ideal job you feel passion for, how would you feel? It would feel pretty amazing right? Take a second to feel gratitude for that awesome result in your life as it if had already happened. This adds powerful momentum and connects you to the vibe that aligns you to achieve that result. Just as like attracts like, vibe attracts vibe.

ALLOW IT: The final stage of this process is actually allowing the result to come into your life. This may sound strange but once things start to align and shift you’ll notice that opportunities begin to present themselves to you. Oftentimes, at this stage, we can hesitate or accidentally sabotage ourselves due to an underlying fear or limiting belief.

Simply put: when opportunities start to present themselves to you it’s time to trust this process and just say YES! Then simply allow the great things to flow into your life. Remind yourself that you deserve it!

We have numerous resources across this site to help you with implementing the details of each step, but you can start to experience results right now by deciding to make some small changes today.

What bits of clutter or negative Anchors in your HomeSpace can you remove immediately? What item could you feature as a positive Anchor? Share any inspiration or your plans in the comments below!

How Kevin Hart’s Home Helps Him Achieve Success

Focus point anchors involve bringing positive objects into your home space and connecting with these objects to bring success into your life. Kevin Hart uses focus point anchors in his home which he acknowledges daily to achieve success in his career and his finances.

All it takes is 3 simple steps; removing the negative objects, bringing in positive objects to connect you to the life you want to be living and utilizing these objects to move you forward and achieve those results.