6 Things You Can Do Now To Feel More Abundant

One of the things I always encourage people to do when using the Design Your Home for Success process is to immediately use the process to feel more abundant and to increase financial abundance – oftentimes much faster than you might imagine.

It all starts with using a type of positive Anchor called an Object of Abundance Anchor. In this article I’ll share with you how this type of anchor works, plus 6 ways you can begin working with Object of Abundance Anchors to plant powerful seeds across your HomeSpace and watch your financial abundance grow.


What is an Object of Abundance Anchor? It can be any object with a higher value to you than other things in the room, representing your Finance and Lifestyle goals (which are outlined when you create your LifeVision using the Design Your Home for Success process.)

When you are furnishing or updating your HomeSpace, it’s fine to buy the pieces on sale or with a budget in mind, but, it’s crucial to mix in a few key pieces that represent a higher value to you.

I don’t mean something that costs ten times as much as everything else (although Object of Abundance Anchors often have more financial value). It’s really the story, the experience and the feeling associated with that item that creates the “value” of it.


Look at your living room, your bedroom and your home office, if you have one. Look at the objects in each space and check out their level of value. Identify any objects that trigger a story or experience of lack. For example, everyday items bought on a budget to fill a room offer a very low, uninspiring vibe to you and your guests.

Ask yourself what object in each room in your HomeSpace is aspirational in terms of representing a higher level of financial abundance and lifestyle for you. There may be an object with that sort of significance that you didn’t previously consider as an Object of Abundance Anchor.

If you can’t identify any item in your home that could be an Object of Abundance, consider acquiring some higher value objects.
Begin to see certain objects as indicators of what you expect your level of Finance/Lifestyle to be. You don’t have to blow the budget here, it’s your intention that you place on an Anchor that counts.

Consider utilizing something with an inspiring color, a beautiful light fixture or lamp as an Object of Abundance. Such objects can serve a dual purpose, such as offering a soft, flattering light while being aesthetically pleasing. Another example would be a beautiful cashmere throw that adds color, warmth and texture to your couch, achieving multiple objectives at once. Anchors can often fill multiple purposes using the 3-step Design Your Home for Success process.

Drop a well-placed hint with friends and family during the holidays or your birthday (or any other special occasion) that you would prefer to get one special thing that you love, rather than a variety of small presents. 

I know this may sound presumptuous, but heck, if you don’t ask you won’t receive. Wouldn’t you rather get something you treasure instead of a bunch of stuff you really don’t need or like but feel obliged to display and use?

In addition to helping you feel more abundant now, the above steps will help you align with a more financially abundant mindset. Over the years my Object of Abundance Anchors have become more valuable as my finances and lifestyle have improved, and now they are in every room of my HomeSpace.

See these as investments that remind you constantly of the financial path you’re on and the lifestyle you want to be experiencing. Whenever you connect to an Object of Abundance, you can imagine feeling total financial freedom and the reality that all the objects in your home are becoming Object of Abundance Anchors.

Share in the comments below what you’d like to set as an Object of Abundance Anchor in your HomeSpace. I look forward to reading your answers!

How to create a home that smells, tastes and sounds like success

One of the most powerful anchors that we can utilize in the homes is called stimulate the senses. Today I’ll show you just how easy it is to heighten your home experience through what you’re smelling, tasting and listening to.

Start thinking about all the senses that you can be stimulating in your own home, from the candles you burn, to the music you play, to the scents of the foods you cook. These are powerful anchors that you can use to connect you to a great experience.

Why Your Budget Mindset Could Be Costing You Your Fortune

One thing I’m often asked is whether you can do the Design Your Home for Success process on a budget? You most certainly can.

When I first stumbled onto this process, during my struggles to break into the photography scene in New York, I completely transformed my life by making small changes over time to my home and, as a result, to my mindset. I started this process by buying a $60 candle and upgrading my toilet paper.

One of the most important shifts I made was to realize that I could be on a budget without living with a budget mindset. It’s a key distinction. Having a budget mindset can hold you back from achieving the financial abundance you desire.


What is a budget mindset exactly? The lack of financial resources is an issue that causes stress and frustration for many people. When are you being responsible and facing up to reality, and when are you holding yourself back with a limiting mindset?

Think back to when you were growing up. Can you remember what your parents’ attitudes were about money? I recall hearing, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “We can’t afford that,” and “We aren’t made of money.” Unfortunately, we often inherit these same limiting beliefs from our well-meaning parents, teachers and the media. If a scarcity mindset follows you into adulthood, most likely you’re going to experience scarcity in your finances.

The good news is you don’t need to have buckets of money in order to make the Design Your Home for Success approach work for you. This process is based on the idea that you can begin to create a balanced life that is rich and full, whatever the current state of your finances.

But you don’t want to have a budget mindset, which is limiting.
When you look at things you want in life that may be out of reach for you financially right now, you may be tempted to say: “I never have any money,” “I hate that I’m always so broke,” “I’ll never be able to afford that,” or “Why does everyone else have money and I don’t?”

You begin to shift out of a budget mindset when you catch yourself saying or thinking these things, and begin shifting these beliefs slightly to recognize that you deserve financial abundance and that you will allow it into your life.
For example: “This item is more than I wanted to spend at the moment, however, I know I’m deserving of financial abundance and welcome it coming my way.” Every time you declare your future financial abundance using this process you are putting powerful intention behind that reality. What you say to yourself on a conscious level becomes a subconscious belief.


Here are 3 key things you can do right now to begin welcoming wealth and the luxurious things you desire in life, while being on a budget:

  • Upgrade little things in your home that you touch or use every day so that you experience quality and luxury without breaking the bank. Imagine that you were already living the financially abundant life that you dream of living, how would the small household items in your HomeSpace look and feel? I recommend upgrading your toilet paper, hand towels, napkins, bed sheets, flatware or plateware. If you like to cook and can upgrade something a bit pricier, go for a high quality set of pots and pans. Focus on things you’ll enjoy using.
  • A positive Anchor that will allow you to focus on and align with more wealth is called an Object of Abundance. This is an object that holds more value to you than the other objects in the room. You don’t need to break your budget when you select this Anchor. My first Object of Abundance Anchor was a small, luxurious berry scented Parisian candle that cost $60. Placing this Anchor in your HomeSpace with intention and acknowledging and feeling what it represents daily will align your vibe with the vibe of the lifestyle you want to experience.
  • Have less, more valuable, items in your home rather than a whole lot of cheaper ones. Create more space and clarity in your HomeSpace by clearing out clutter and donating or getting rid of anything you no longer use or want. Making space is a crucial step for welcoming something new that you desire. You’ll also find that the more spacious, clean and tidy your HomeSpace is, the more clarity and peace of mind you’ll start to experience in your MindSpace.

Don’t let their simplicity fool you. These steps, as well as the entire Design Your Home for Success process, work and will improve your financial situation and the outcomes in your life. Align your desire to the small changes you’re making in your home by holding the intention that everything you do is serving your goal to increase wealth and improve your abundant lifestyle.

Because your HomeSpace is connected to and affects your MindSpace, it will help you break old mindset habits and change those limiting beliefs. Since embracing this process myself I have let go of my limited beliefs around finance that I picked up from my parents and the media and I’ve been able to bring in more wealth with less effort than ever before.

This process helped me change my attitude towards finance, what do you remember your parents saying about money when you were a kid? How have they affected the way you set up your HomeSpace and your financial outcomes?

10 Ways Your Home is Holding Back Your Success

When people feel stuck, frustrated or like they’re running around in circles, the last place they often think to look is their home. Yet there are hidden culprits littered all over your home that could be holding back your success, sabotaging your efforts and squashing your mood.

The good news is, once you identify these culprits, they’re pretty easy to remove. You just have to know where to look.

Here are 10 common culprits hiding out in your HomeSpace that could be holding you back from the life you want to be living:


  1. Clutter you can see which includes anything you don’t use, don’t need or things that don’t add value to your vibe.
  2. Clutter you can’t see hiding behind closed doors, in junk draws, under the bed or on top of shelves.
  3. Photos of you, your friend or family on display where you were unhappy or unhealthy.
  4. Gifts or memories from past romantic relationships that were not healthy.
  5. Gossip magazines and newspapers on display.
  6. Books or magazines on display with negative, depressing or shocking titles.
  7. Artwork or photography that is dark, moody or has a strange uninspiring subject matter.
  8. Plastic plants or fake flowers.
  9. Cheap generic toilet paper, broken or chipped china or glassware, thin rough towels, worn ripped dishcloths, wire coat hangers, sloppy soap containers, worn or ripped bed sheets, dirty windows or any other worn, ripped or broken household items or furnishings that you have kept for years.
  10. Over lit rooms, unattractive odors from food, pets, mold or mildew, and out of place furnishings like large exercise gear or a massive television that’s too large for a small room.

At first glance, these items might not seem so bad and we can all quickly justify why we keep them. Yet clutter and negative Anchors can have an adverse effect on you and your goals. In particular, negative Anchors can tie you to your past, making it hard to create a new future. These items have a conscious and subconscious effect on you and your life.

It always surprises me how many people keep items that actually remind them of unhealthy relationships, people who broke their heart, of depressing memories and the person they were when they were unhappy. It’s also common for people to always spend the least amount of money on the small generic items such as toilet paper, dishcloths and bath towels. If you were really living the life you dreamt of living how would these generic items feel? Cheap and thin or soft and indulgent?

In our own HomeSpace, we get used to living a certain way with certain things around us, and we can’t see the forest from the trees to understand what needs to change and why. We also hear our parents’ voices in our heads telling us to budget or to not spend money on certain things they believed weren’t important.

That’s why starting now you’ll want to begin looking at your HomeSpace through fresh eyes. Take a look around your bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom and see how many of the above items you can find in your home.

Remember changing the small things in your home won’t cost you the earth, but they represent a very different lifestyle experience, the one you dream of really living. Changing the small things in my home to better quality products was a real light bulb moment for me and it allowed me to connect with and achieve the life that I really wanted to be living. Let me know if you think of things you could be changing in your home and what you plan to do about it.

Why Your Home Vibe Might Be Preventing Success

Did you know that your home gives off a distinct vibe that affects how you’re feeling and living every day, as well as those around you? It can have a positive or negative impact on your relationships, career, finances, your health and ultimately your whole life experience.

Unless you’ve been intentional about creating the vibe you want in your home, chances are its current vibe might not be supporting your goals, dreams and desired future. For most people, their HomeSpace doesn’t represent and connect them with their future desires and goals. The good news is you can change that, and quite quickly, by considering the vibe of your current HomeSpace and making a few simple changes.

Ask yourself these questions about your current HomeSpace:

  • When did you set up your HomeSpace and what was going on for you in your life at that time?
  • How does it feel for you to be in this environment?
  • What is it about your HomeSpace that inspires you?
  • What does your HomeSpace mean to you?
  • Does this environment represent your future dreams and goals?
  • Do you feel peaceful in this environment?
  • Are you proud for people to visit your HomeSpace and does it represent who you are and where you are going in your life?


As humans we all give off a certain vibration or “vibe”, and depending on how we’re feeling, our individual vibe changes accordingly. These vibrations (or energy) pass through the physical body and interact with the objects and environments around us.

Math and physics help to explain what’s going on.

Brilliant physicists such as Albert Einstein, Max Plank and Niels Bohr, to name just three, spent their lives studying energy in its various forms. They brought us quantum theory and quantum physics (the branch of physics that reveals what happens inside atoms and between subatomic particles), and subsequently a much deeper understanding of the world we live in and the universe we’re part of. As a broad overview, quantum physics says that when two subatomic waves meet, they either meet in sync, creating a harmonious effect, or they meet out of sync, creating a destructive effect in which they cancel each other.

How does this relate to you? Well, you’re made up of atoms, as is everyone and everything on the planet. Each atom has its own frequency, vibration or vibe. When these atomic waves meet and are in sync (“good vibes”), it feels good. A collision of waves that are out of sync (“bad vibes”), feels bad.

If you look at the five people with whom you spend the most time, your work environment, the state of your finances, your health/wellbeing and the home you live in, you get a pretty good indication of how your vibe is at the moment.

Be honest with yourself: is this the life you dreamt of? If not, maybe it’s time to try a new approach to achieving the life you really want. That’s what Design Your Home for Success is all about.

Change your home; change your life. Because if you can’t feel good in your home, how can you hope to align with the people, things and experiences that do feel good? You’ve got to begin where your lifestyle does: at home.

How would you describe the current vibe of your HomeSpace? Let us know in the comments below.