De-Cluttering Mistakes And Mishaps

Here are some common mistakes I see people make when attempting to de-clutter their home:

Mistake #1: Move it Out of Sight

One way people mistakenly deal with clutter is to put it behind a closed door or store it away so it’s out of sight and out of mind. But storage doesn’t actually solve a problem; it just puts it somewhere else. You see, many items we have in our homes are negative triggers or what I call negative Anchors to our past and therefore represent fear of change and the future. Clutter in general is a negative Anchor.

Mistake #2: Not Asking Simple Questions

When you consider each item in your home ask yourself, “Does this item add value to my vibe?” In other words, does it bring you happiness and help connect you to your future LifeVision? Don’t make the mistake of ignoring this important question when considering items to get rid of.
Mistake #3: De-Cluttering A Bit At a Time
I don’t believe you can just tidy up a little bit or remove one thing a day and get the job done properly, so avoid these approaches. They are not drastic enough and won’t have a lasting impact on your HomeSpace (or your life). The bottom line is before you can get your life in order you need to get your HomeSpace in order. De-cluttering is an action necessary to create a healthy HomeSpace rather than a result. It’s like preparing to cook a delicious meal. You must first have fresh produce, clean utensils, pots and pans before you start to cook.

What mistakes have you made in attempting to clear out clutter? How will you do it differently this time? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts in the comments below!

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