How To Create a Better Sounding Home

Whether you are in your HomeSpace, your car or running around with your headphones on, music can add an incredible layer and really help lift your mood and your vibe, whatever you are doing.

Think about a movie that you love. The soundtrack adds an incredible layer that pulls at your heartstrings or gets you excited. After directing a film and several television commercials I realize how important music is behind the visual imagery. It’s the same with your own life.

When you create a playlist consider what its purpose will be and title it accordingly. Here are some examples of my playlists:

  • Sunday Morning—Jazz mix and acoustic guitar for an easy start to my Sunday.
  • Cardio Combo—When I need to exercise my favorite upbeat tracks helps get me going. When in doubt go for Disco!
  • Atmosphere—When I need to work a mix of easy listening tracks with and without vocals helps motivate me without distracting me.
  • Cocktail Hour—Sunset drinks in the afternoon to get the party going. I like to add some Latin tracks to this mix.
  • Dinner Mix—Cool classics like Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra also some Miles Davis jazz.

Okay, so you may not like my personal music taste but you get the idea. The soundtrack titles speak for themselves and when you put the mix on, shuffling the music offers up a different song order.

The goal with a playlist is to have a consistent tone and level to the music so you keep the mood and vibe going. I’m always amazed when I go to a dinner party and there is no music playing in the background. Slight changes in the music’s pace and tone are fine, but when there is a dramatic difference between tracks (for example, a Hip Hop track in your Relaxation mix or a Classical track in your Party mix) it will disrupt the moment and break your connection to that experience. It’s worth taking the time to craft consistent themed playlists that offer a perfect background layer to any occasion.

Think of your life as a series of scenes in a movie and you get to choose the soundtrack for it. Make sure your playlist is long enough to last for the entire occasion.

Did this spark any ideas for playlists you want to create? Have any that you already love and use? Share your experience and ideas in the comments below!

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