How To Get Your Life Out of the Clutter

When life starts looking down, a quick way to get it back on track is to get it out of the clutter.

Clearing away the clutter in your HomeSpace is not a new concept, but it’s one that is a crucial starting point for opening up to new possibilities and positive change in your life. Think of it much the same way you would a diet. You need to remove the unhealthy foods and habits and bring in the healthy stuff. The difference with this version of spring cleaning is that you will consider it for your MindSpace, as well as your HomeSpace. Limiting beliefs and fears from your past clutter your MindSpace and hold you back from living your ultimate LifeVision.

Clutter in your HomeSpace is basically anything that you don’t use, don’t like or don’t have space for. It also includes any elements, objects or images that represent a negative memory from your past. I call these negative Anchors as they act as subconscious triggers to that past memory.

Storage units might seem like a viable option for all our extra stuff. The garage, attic or parent’s houses are places to put our stuff that won’t actually cost us a storage fee.

But the reality is it is costing us something; it’s filling up our homes and our lives with objects that link us to a very low vibe. In other words objects we don’t use, enjoy or love aren’t making us feel happier in our HomeSpace and aren’t helping us raise our vibe.

Most objects in your HomeSpace have meaning and provide an opportunity to connect you to a higher vibe. When you have a higher vibe in your home you are setting yourself up for success in your life. Even the juicer you use daily connects you to your Health/Wellbeing, so it’s contributing to your LifeVision. Similarly, your running shoes connect you to your LifeVision’s vibe by allowing you to exercise and feel healthy.

So approach getting rid of clutter by asking one simple question: Does this item help raise my vibe and help me connect to the life I really want to be living?

When every item in your HomeSpace has a positive “vibe value” to you then you are living in a HomeSpace that features only things you use, love and enjoy. The result comes when you consider what you will keep versus what you will throw away. That simple choice changes your perspective.

So let me ask a few simple questions:

  • Take a look around your HomeSpace. Does it feel clean and uncluttered to you? Ask yourself, if this space was your MindSpace how would it function? How would it feel?
  • Do you (like most of us) think you have too much stuff in your HomeSpace?
  • Would living in a clean tidy environment help you feel better about your home? About your life?
  • When you imagine living your ultimate life experience do you see yourself living in a beautiful, clean, clutter-free home?
  • Are you willing to commit to de-cluttering your HomeSpace, featuring only the things you use, enjoy and love in it? Really?

I added “Really?” after the last question because many of us have attachments to our stuff and create excuses around why we can’t keep our HomeSpace in order.

Give some thought to these questions and then let us know what you plan to do to get your life out of the clutter.

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