How to Taste Your Way to Success

When it comes to your home the only thing better than cooking an amazing meal is actually eating it. Taste is a powerful Stimulate the Senses Anchor and you can work with taste to bring back delightful memories and to inspire new ones.

Some of the most wonderful nights I’ve shared with friends and family have been at home enjoying a dinner party. The whole dining experience is heightened as you savor the tastes of a beautiful meal. Every time I eat a roasted lamb or chicken I think of my Mum’s cooking and remember how much I loved Friday night family dinner. The taste of my morning coffee reminds me of Australia and my friends there.

Amazing flavors and foods bring back powerful memories and these days recipes are easy to follow. Get some basic cookbooks and start cooking! I love ones by Jamie Oliver, Bill Granger and Donna Hay.

You may be thinking, “I don’t know how to cook.” My advice is to learn to cook four things well. Simple, easy dishes that you can change a bit depending on the season and complement with a delicious fresh salad or vegetable side dishes to add flavor and color to the table.

Go for the basics, like a great pasta dish, scallops or a clean white fish fillet, a meat dish like steak or a roast. Keep it simple and healthy and test the recipes out before you have a dinner party.

If you know someone who loves to cook then invite them over to your place and cook something together. Cooking is a hands-on experience best learnt while “on the job.” My favorite things to cook are a roast with a vegetable salad, grilled scallops, sweet corn fritters and grilled steak. Simple, delicious meals that are easy to prep.



If you really don’t enjoy cooking or have people coming over and there’s no time after work to prep, ordering some take-out and serving the food on nice plates will suffice. Another idea is to invite a group of friends for a meal and ask each person or each couple to bring a dish. One person brings a cheese plate, olives and dips, another brings an appetizer, someone else a main dish and another a dessert. It’s a great way to share the responsibilities and create great conversation.

Wine with a meal definitely adds to a dining experience. If you don’t know much about wine, go online to see which wine is recommended to complement your meal or ask your local wine store for suggestions. Once you decide what you like, keep a few bottles on hand for the next dinner party.

For those of you trying to ease into the concept of entertaining in your HomeSpace, invite guests over for drinks before heading out to a local restaurant. Setting out some dips and olives with a nice wine is simple; just make sure to use nice plates and bowls to serve the dips and olives—not the containers they come in. The extra effort will make a difference.

I admit eating out is easier, but it doesn’t allow you to get the most out of your HomeSpace. Your HomeSpace is the best place for you to enjoy intimate quality time with your friends and family in an environment you can control.



On a general note, your kitchen should be stocked with healthy food options and fresh produce whenever possible. Train your palate to appreciate fresh food by bringing it into your HomeSpace. Have healthy, great tasting snacks available to avoid snacking on junk food.

Remember that your kitchen is the place to Anchor to your Health/Wellbeing and you don’t have to sacrifice great taste to be healthy. That said, if you feel like a sweet treat have some healthy options like fruit, coconut ice cream, dried mango and dark chocolate available.

What tastes are you looking forward to making Anchors for your home? Let me know in the comments below.

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