How Your Home Can Help You Travel the World

Do you know that staying at home can inspire you to achieve a voyage to incredible destinations?

It’s true: Your home can be the starting point for the wonderful discovery of new people, places and experiences.

One of the things I really enjoy in my life is travelling to amazing places around the world that I see in magazines, books and films. Once I actually trekked around Egypt for a week with a postcard in my hand trying to locate the same location as in the picture so I could photograph it.

Over the years, I have managed to travel to many incredible destinations, from Greece, Egypt and Africa to Indonesia, Spain and Japan.

I’ve experienced dozens of marvelous adventures that I’ve been fortunate to share with my family and friends, and I have a secret weapon that has helped me do that. I call it a Dream Destination.

We often travel to a destination, take photos and buy a souvenir or two and bring these home to proudly display and keep as a memento of our trip. But have you ever thought about displaying an item in your home that actually represents somewhere you want to visit where you haven’t yet been or maybe somewhere that you want to go back to? A Dream Destination helps you achieve that.

Dream Destination Anchor Morocco

A Dream Destination is a cluster of one or more items that you display in your home that represents either a destination where you’ve been that holds great memories for you, a place you want to revisit or a place you want to experience.

This is called a positive Anchor in the Design Your Home For Success process. You can use this Anchor to have your home help you to travel anywhere in the world, from Paris to Panama, from Colombia to Croatia. It’s also a great thing to do before your family vacation to get everyone excited about an upcoming trip you want to take.

In my home, I set up a Dream Destination Anchor for Morocco, which consisted of two Moroccan lanterns and a pillow on my couch. I left if up for a year, and last year on my honeymoon, I was able to spend 2 incredible weeks in Morocco.

I have another Dream Destination set for Africa – a display of a magnifying glass and a beautiful photography book on Africa– because I want to take a trip there with my family and friends. This particular Dream Destination has been set for a year and I’m constantly reminded on a conscious and subconscious level of my dream African excursion and I’m excited about taking it, even though it hasn’t yet happened. A Dream Destination is a great way to keep yourself reminded about what you want and the wonderful adventures coming your way. You can display them in any room of your home.

Here’s a terrific tip for when you’re on holiday: Instead of buying a lot of cheap souvenirs and local trinkets, instead purchase one or two more valuable items that you can put on display in your home when you get back. This Dream Destination will not only remind you of that wonderful holiday, but perhaps inspire you to revisit it one day. Or provide you with an idea for another destination you’d love to experience.

If you want to start using your home to help you travel the world, and receive some fantastic ideas about how to begin, click the link below. And thank you for sharing your comments!

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