How Your Home Can Help Your Finances

When you are furnishing or updating your HomeSpace it’s fine to buy the pieces on sale or with a budget in mind. But if you want your home to help your finances, it’s crucial to mix in a few key pieces that are more valuable to you. You can make such pieces Object of Abundance Anchors.

I don’t mean something that costs ten times as much as everything else (although Object of Abundance Anchors often have more financial value). It’s really the story, the experience and the feeling associated with that item that create the “value” of it.

Objects with a higher value to you than other things in the room represent your Finance/Lifestyle goals.

When you establish an Object of Abundance Anchor you are declaring that you are deserving of financial abundance.

See Your Home Through A Different Lens

Look specifically at your living room, your bedroom and your home office, if you have one. Look at the objects in each space and check out their level of value. Everyday items bought on a budget to fill a room offer a very low, uninspiring vibe to you and your guests. Walking through a beautiful home with personal touches and objects of value is a very different experience than walking through a cheap furniture showroom with generic decorations and furnishings on display.

Ask yourself what object in each room in your HomeSpace is aspirational in terms of representing a higher level of financial abundance and lifestyle for you. There may be an object with that sort of significance that you didn’t previously consider as an Object of Abundance Anchor. If you can’t identify anything like that in your home then you should consider acquiring some higher value objects.

An Object of Abundance Anchor indicates what you expect your level of Finance/Lifestyle to be. You don’t have to blow the budget here. It’s your intention that you place on this Anchor that counts. My first Object of Abundance in my small studio was a beautiful $60 scented candle from Paris.

I love the idea of utilizing something with an inspiring color, a beautiful light fixture or lamp as an Object of Abundance. Objects such as lamps serve a dual purpose by offering a soft, flattering light while being aesthetically pleasing. A beautiful cashmere throw can add color, warmth and texture to your couch, achieving multiple objectives at once. Anchors can often fill multiple purposes using the five-step Design Your Home for Success process.

Objects of Abundance Anchors are great to connect you to

  • Career/Passion
  • Finance/Lifestyle

Over the years my Object of Abundance Anchors have become more valuable as my Finance/Lifestyle improved, and now they are in every room of my HomeSpace. I see these as investments that remind me constantly of the financial path I’m on and the lifestyle I want to be experiencing. Whenever I connect to an Object of Abundance Anchor I imagine feeling total financial freedom and the dream that all the objects in my home are Object of Abundance Anchors.

Can you identify any items in your home you can use as an Object of Abundance Anchor? Is there one you’d like to acquire? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Cheers!

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