Learn About The Focus Point That Celebrity Kevin Hart Uses To Achieve His Dreams

Many successful people are applying the Design Your Home for Success principles without even knowing it and they are achieving incredible results in their lives. You can apply this process to any area of your life in which you want to achieve success.

Kevin Hart is one of the most successful comedians in showbiz at the moment and he credits his success to his drive. His daily dose of motivation comes from Focus Point Anchors that he set with powerful intention. In the quote from his interview with Oprah, Kevin mentions that he has large images of people that motivate and inspire him on the walls in his house and he acknowledges them daily when he walks down his stairs:

“You look at Jay Z, Tom Perry, Puff; you’re looking at people who started off with a small vision and that vision manifested beyond expectation.

So what I did was from the people around me, my mentors Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Prior, who are all on the walls. I surround myself with a constant reminder of who’s great. Constantly! I come down these stairs each day and I look at Richard; he was great. I see Eddie; he was great. I see Chris Rock; he was great. It’s a constant reminder. . . . It comes from focus.”

—Kevin Hart, Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sunday” show, 2014 

Kevin takes a moment each morning to acknowledge his Focus Point Anchors and the mentors who motivate and inspire him. He uses these photos to connect to success and motivation in Career/Passion and Finance/Lifestyle.

A Focus Point Anchor refers to objects, colors or images that represent a particular result, vibe or feeling that you want to experience.

You may have tried placing sticky notes around your home to remind you to do certain things like take the trash out or to pick up the groceries. But did you know that objects and images in your home can represent your future dreams and goals and actually help you achieve those results?

When you look at the photos, magazine covers, book covers, wall images, artwork on your walls and the objects in your home, you want to reflect on what each one says about you and your life. Focus Points are powerful Anchors as they showcase what you are aspiring to in every area of your life. They help remind you about something you want to achieve or feel in your life. Taking responsibility for this Anchor will help you focus on specific goals and outcomes in your life and how those results make you feel.

Books and magazines are some of the most important focus points. If you have a book on your shelf with a title that reads, Alone Again, One More Time, what do you think you’re inviting into your life? Here’s a good rule when considering books: If you wouldn’t stick the title of a book, magazine or newspaper on your fridge as an affirmation then you should get rid of it.

You can use Focus Point Anchors to connect you to a result you want to achieve in any area of your life.



Think of one Focus Point Anchor you can display right now to connect you to a result you want to achieve in your life. Here are a few examples of Focus Point Anchors you could display right now:

Taking inspiration from Kevin Hart, you could display a bio of a mentor who inspires you on your coffee table or next to your bed.

Display an architecture magazine highlighting a house design you dream of having or a vintage world globe on a side table to represent exciting travel adventures.

Display a framed photo of yourself looking fit, healthy and happy in your home is a great Focus Point Anchor for the health and wellbeing you deserve.

I am a huge fan of displaying framed photos of people you love in your life on your walls and side tables.

Peace Of Mind 
A beautiful candle with a relaxing scent you love is a must in the bedroom or bathroom when you are trying to wind down and relax.

Think about what Focus Point Anchor you could display in your home. What result does the Focus Point connect you to? For more tips and details on the Design Your Home For Success process go to our resource page at www.mindspacedesign.com/resources.

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