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It’s simple – You only have to make small changes in your home to have a big difference in your life.

I’ve been using the Design Your Home for Success process since mid 2013. Immediately after taking on the process, I noticed my attitude shifted. Before something comes into my home, I consider it carefully. And as I give away items I don’t need, I feel more fulfilled. My kids are starting to ask for new experiences rather than new stuff, and they are excited to give away items we don’t need. Another unexpected benefit is my income, which has increased by 40%. My company has grown and my opportunities have really expanded.

Since taking this simple process on board, I’ve become a published author, seen my business revenue increase by 30%, traveled to New York twice and created opportunities that have given me happiness and respect amongst family, friends, colleagues and peers. One can forget how much time we spend in our home and it is one of the few things we have control over. I strongly recommend the Design Your Home for Success process, it will change your world.

After learning this process, I decided to get clear on what I wanted, what I didn’t want and to start making my living space match that vision for a better life. This was going to involve some big, scary changes. But James’ book broke it down into small, manageable steps that I felt like I could actually do — something right now to make a big difference in my life and in the lives of my kids.