Why Design Your Home for Success?

How would you like to improve the look and feel of your home and at the same time experience more passion, joy, abundance, love and success in your life?

The answer is a lot closer to home than you think. In fact, the answer is actually your home, or what I refer to as your HomeSpace. Before I discovered this process and embraced this philosophy I used to look at my home as just a place to chill out, relax, entertain friends, eat and of course sleep. Slowly I realized it could actually mean so much more. Whether you are renting or own your HomeSpace, when you begin to use the Design Your Home for Success process, you’ll start to feel the difference right away – not just in your home, but also in the quality of your life.

My philosophy is based on Mind/Lifestyle integration, or what I refer to as “MindSpace/HomeSpace” philosophy. I realized there was a direct relationship between my MindSpace and my external home, or what I refer to as my HomeSpace, and vice versa.

Design Your Home for Success is a simple 3-step process where you assess your HomeSpace and make simple changes with powerful intentions in your MindSpace that inspire you to achieve the life that you really want to be living. The great news is that this is an easy, fun process that is doable on any budget.

You can use the Design Your Home for Success process to:

  • Assess your HomeSpace and understand what’s not working and why
  • Assess your MindSpace and consider what may be holding you back from living the life you really want to be living
  • Make needed changes in your HomeSpace and MindSpace to achieve the awesome reality you want to experience in your life
  • Create a beautiful HomeSpace you love — one that looks and feels amazing


MindSpaceDesign isn’t a traditional home makeover design company. We don’t impart traditional design advice, an ancient philosophy or a rigid set of confusing rules on what to change in your home to stop your luck from flying out the back door. We believe that you must approach the place you live as an integral part of your lifestyle: home design as a key part of lifestyle design.

If you’re reading this, odds are that you want to improve your home and get more joy, abundance, love and success out of your life. I’m here to tell you that a traditional home makeover isn’t going to do it. Period.

Many people on reality TV home makeover shows actually end up selling their made-over homes due to increased utility bills and higher taxes that they can’t afford.

You see, while their physical homes were made over, the people living in them didn’t see any change in themselves. Their physical surroundings changed, but their internal states of mind (their MindSpace) did not.

They remained stuck in their old lifestyles and, at a subconscious level, this new made-over home and life wasn’t sustainable because they didn’t believe they deserved their upgraded home environment and lifestyle, so their lives stayed the same. The same goes for many people who win the lottery, it actually destroys their life rather than improves it.

This process will allow your HomeSpace to become the foundation for your whole life and support you in achieving your goals and dreams. Once you understand the process you will never look at your HomeSpace in the same way ever again.


If you want to achieve a joyful, balanced life you love or a particular goal or result, whether it’s financial abundance, a successful career you’re passionate about or a great relationship, it won’t happen unless you believe that you really deserve that result.

When you are considering lasting change in your life, two important areas require your attention and focus: your HomeSpace and your MindSpace.

Your HomeSpace is the space where you live, the environment you call home. Your MindSpace is everything that makes up the intellectual, spiritual, cultural, emotional and social YOU.

Think of each as having a direct relationship with the other: your HomeSpace is an extension of your MindSpace and your state of mind is definitely affected by your surrounding HomeSpace.

Here at MindSpaceDesign we offer invaluable insights and steps to help you take charge of both these areas. Best of all, it’s easier than you might imagine and it just makes sense. All it takes is 3 simple steps in the way you approach your home.

Imagine your MindSpace was an interior environment. How does it look, feel and smell? Is it well lit and warm or is it cluttered and dark? How do you think your MindSpace is reflected in the current state of your HomeSpace? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for sharing.


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