Why Your Budget Mindset Could Be Costing You Your Fortune

One thing I’m often asked is whether you can do the Design Your Home for Success process on a budget? You most certainly can.

When I first stumbled onto this process, during my struggles to break into the photography scene in New York, I completely transformed my life by making small changes over time to my home and, as a result, to my mindset. I started this process by buying a $60 candle and upgrading my toilet paper.

One of the most important shifts I made was to realize that I could be on a budget without living with a budget mindset. It’s a key distinction. Having a budget mindset can hold you back from achieving the financial abundance you desire.


What is a budget mindset exactly? The lack of financial resources is an issue that causes stress and frustration for many people. When are you being responsible and facing up to reality, and when are you holding yourself back with a limiting mindset?

Think back to when you were growing up. Can you remember what your parents’ attitudes were about money? I recall hearing, “Money doesn’t grow on trees,” “We can’t afford that,” and “We aren’t made of money.” Unfortunately, we often inherit these same limiting beliefs from our well-meaning parents, teachers and the media. If a scarcity mindset follows you into adulthood, most likely you’re going to experience scarcity in your finances.

The good news is you don’t need to have buckets of money in order to make the Design Your Home for Success approach work for you. This process is based on the idea that you can begin to create a balanced life that is rich and full, whatever the current state of your finances.

But you don’t want to have a budget mindset, which is limiting.
When you look at things you want in life that may be out of reach for you financially right now, you may be tempted to say: “I never have any money,” “I hate that I’m always so broke,” “I’ll never be able to afford that,” or “Why does everyone else have money and I don’t?”

You begin to shift out of a budget mindset when you catch yourself saying or thinking these things, and begin shifting these beliefs slightly to recognize that you deserve financial abundance and that you will allow it into your life.
For example: “This item is more than I wanted to spend at the moment, however, I know I’m deserving of financial abundance and welcome it coming my way.” Every time you declare your future financial abundance using this process you are putting powerful intention behind that reality. What you say to yourself on a conscious level becomes a subconscious belief.


Here are 3 key things you can do right now to begin welcoming wealth and the luxurious things you desire in life, while being on a budget:

  • Upgrade little things in your home that you touch or use every day so that you experience quality and luxury without breaking the bank. Imagine that you were already living the financially abundant life that you dream of living, how would the small household items in your HomeSpace look and feel? I recommend upgrading your toilet paper, hand towels, napkins, bed sheets, flatware or plateware. If you like to cook and can upgrade something a bit pricier, go for a high quality set of pots and pans. Focus on things you’ll enjoy using.
  • A positive Anchor that will allow you to focus on and align with more wealth is called an Object of Abundance. This is an object that holds more value to you than the other objects in the room. You don’t need to break your budget when you select this Anchor. My first Object of Abundance Anchor was a small, luxurious berry scented Parisian candle that cost $60. Placing this Anchor in your HomeSpace with intention and acknowledging and feeling what it represents daily will align your vibe with the vibe of the lifestyle you want to experience.
  • Have less, more valuable, items in your home rather than a whole lot of cheaper ones. Create more space and clarity in your HomeSpace by clearing out clutter and donating or getting rid of anything you no longer use or want. Making space is a crucial step for welcoming something new that you desire. You’ll also find that the more spacious, clean and tidy your HomeSpace is, the more clarity and peace of mind you’ll start to experience in your MindSpace.

Don’t let their simplicity fool you. These steps, as well as the entire Design Your Home for Success process, work and will improve your financial situation and the outcomes in your life. Align your desire to the small changes you’re making in your home by holding the intention that everything you do is serving your goal to increase wealth and improve your abundant lifestyle.

Because your HomeSpace is connected to and affects your MindSpace, it will help you break old mindset habits and change those limiting beliefs. Since embracing this process myself I have let go of my limited beliefs around finance that I picked up from my parents and the media and I’ve been able to bring in more wealth with less effort than ever before.

This process helped me change my attitude towards finance, what do you remember your parents saying about money when you were a kid? How have they affected the way you set up your HomeSpace and your financial outcomes?

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