Why Your Home Vibe Might Be Preventing Success

Did you know that your home gives off a distinct vibe that affects how you’re feeling and living every day, as well as those around you? It can have a positive or negative impact on your relationships, career, finances, your health and ultimately your whole life experience.

Unless you’ve been intentional about creating the vibe you want in your home, chances are its current vibe might not be supporting your goals, dreams and desired future. For most people, their HomeSpace doesn’t represent and connect them with their future desires and goals. The good news is you can change that, and quite quickly, by considering the vibe of your current HomeSpace and making a few simple changes.

Ask yourself these questions about your current HomeSpace:

  • When did you set up your HomeSpace and what was going on for you in your life at that time?
  • How does it feel for you to be in this environment?
  • What is it about your HomeSpace that inspires you?
  • What does your HomeSpace mean to you?
  • Does this environment represent your future dreams and goals?
  • Do you feel peaceful in this environment?
  • Are you proud for people to visit your HomeSpace and does it represent who you are and where you are going in your life?


As humans we all give off a certain vibration or “vibe”, and depending on how we’re feeling, our individual vibe changes accordingly. These vibrations (or energy) pass through the physical body and interact with the objects and environments around us.

Math and physics help to explain what’s going on.

Brilliant physicists such as Albert Einstein, Max Plank and Niels Bohr, to name just three, spent their lives studying energy in its various forms. They brought us quantum theory and quantum physics (the branch of physics that reveals what happens inside atoms and between subatomic particles), and subsequently a much deeper understanding of the world we live in and the universe we’re part of. As a broad overview, quantum physics says that when two subatomic waves meet, they either meet in sync, creating a harmonious effect, or they meet out of sync, creating a destructive effect in which they cancel each other.

How does this relate to you? Well, you’re made up of atoms, as is everyone and everything on the planet. Each atom has its own frequency, vibration or vibe. When these atomic waves meet and are in sync (“good vibes”), it feels good. A collision of waves that are out of sync (“bad vibes”), feels bad.

If you look at the five people with whom you spend the most time, your work environment, the state of your finances, your health/wellbeing and the home you live in, you get a pretty good indication of how your vibe is at the moment.

Be honest with yourself: is this the life you dreamt of? If not, maybe it’s time to try a new approach to achieving the life you really want. That’s what Design Your Home for Success is all about.

Change your home; change your life. Because if you can’t feel good in your home, how can you hope to align with the people, things and experiences that do feel good? You’ve got to begin where your lifestyle does: at home.

How would you describe the current vibe of your HomeSpace? Let us know in the comments below.

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